What is online marketing

Hello friend how are you? I hope you would  fine.Welcome to the digital Pawan. Gys today discussing topic what is internemarketing.

Internet Marketing-Internet marketing or online marketing refers to the promotion of  good and services on the internet.Online marketing is also synonymous with online advertising.

There are many ways to market your busness on the internet,using free a paid solution depending on the budget  you have to assign to inter marketing.

                                Type of internet marketing

online marketing consists out of the following subtypes of online marketing:

1.Email marketing

2.Content marketing

3.Social media marketing

4.Affiliate marketing

5.Search engine marketing

6.Blogging marketing

7.Analytices course marketing

1.Email marketing-Email marketing is done by sending advertisement and promotional content.Businesses usually maintain email directories for email marketing.

2.Content marketing– Content is the information, the idea or the experience you publish online. It is anything that you produce and publish for the purpose of offering it to your audience. The format of the content is most commonly text, but it can also be visual, audio, or video.

3.Social media marketing– Social Media Marketing makes use of social media sites to raise visibility on the Internet and to promote products and services. Social media sites are useful for building social and business networks, and for exchanging ideas and knowledge. Example-Facebook,tiwtter,instragram and whats app etc.

4.Affiliate marketing- Affiliate marketing is known as a marketing technique and practice in which a single business rewards single or more affiliates for bringing customers or visitors through the affiliate marketing ways. In other words, as a publisher, you would be rewarded when you support another business by promoting their services or products. 

5.Search engine marketing-Search Engine Optimization is the most popular search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing) which has been used by people to search the site or its search.

6. Blogging marketing- What once began as a platform for sharing personal thoughts in online form has now grown into one of the essential and the most effective tools marketers use for online promotion.

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7. Analytics course marketing-Google analytics is the platform that collects data and changes it into useful reports.

Friends,today I told you about internet marketing.Friends,if you will liked my blog and if there is any questions in your mind then please reply in the comment box.

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