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Hello friend how are you? I hope you would finepawanGys.Welcome to the digital. today discussing topic what is a blogger, how many types of blog and benefit of the blog. Blogging is a website on which we share our experiences with new information about others. In olden times, people used to write a book or article. Nowadays people who write on the internet are called blogging.

Blog- A blog is a website or a web page that is regularly updated with new content. Content is displayed as blog articles or posts.  

                     Types of Blog

The blogs are many types

1.Personal blog

2. Profesional blog

3.Business blog

4.Affiliate blog

1.Personal blog-Personal blog share in your personaly poem,stories etc.E.G. I went to a birthday if I wright  article  releated to birthday.this is called personal blog.

2.Proffesional blog-Proffesional blog wright article related to proffesionaly blog.if I have any skill or any information and that share in website or blogger.It is called proffesional blog.E.G. I am a digital marketer.So I am wrighting blog releated from digital.then I am doing to proffesional blogging. 

3.Business blog-this blog wright in releated to business.E.G.-if any busness to releated from restorent.Then wright releatd to restorent bolg like momoes and snakes etc.this is called busness blog

4.Affiliate blog-This blog wright for second person.If a person is marketing their product and writes content about that product from another person.this is called Affiliate blogger.

                      Benefit of affiliate blogger  

Blogging has many advantages.

1.Increase to reach-Any person wants to make their identity in any field, In the same way people have started reaching their blogs. It’s the best way to increase reach.

2.Share your experience-Development of blogging has brought a unique opportunity for individuals to share their experience. Individuals can share insights on the topic or circumstances they have personally experienced.

3. Share your knowledge-Besides experience, knowledge can be shared through blogging as well. If you are educated on a particular topic, and you believe some people are interested in learning, you can take up blogging and create your personal brand.

4. Become a better uthor The best way to improve as a writer is to write every day and to work on developing this skill consistently. Blogging can help you with growing as an author and improving your skills with every new post.

5.Growing a busness-Blogging is a hobby that offers so many ways to grow and turn your hobby into a business. You can become a speaker, you can advertise your services through a blog, or you can even open up your online shop. There are plenty of opportunities to monetize your blog. 

Friends,today I told you about blogging.Friends,if you will liked my blog and if there is any questions in your mind then please reply in the comment box.

Thank you so much

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